Create an "Investment banking + Investment" Ecosystem
Create an "Investment banking + Investment" Ecosystem
Our Services
Red-chip and A/H-share IPOs and pre-IPO private placements for medium-to-large-sized state-owned and non-state-owned enterprises as well as local enterprises in Hong Kong
Equity Underwriting
Additional offerings, placings and warrants of stock in secondary market
Leveraged / M&A financing
Red-chip bridging loan, onshore and offshore M&A financing
Mergers and Acquisitions
Cross-border mergers and acquisition, general offer, reverse takeover, corporate disposal and privatization
Financial Advisory
Financial advisory for general/connected transactions with financing needs
Bond Issuance
Private placement debt, convertible bond, offshore RMB/USD bond
Business Innovation
Capital market strategy service for selected listed enterprises
Our Strengths

Extensive Collaboration Opportunities

Fosun has a diversified business portfolio covering full industry chain, thereby offering attractive collaboration opportunities. Leveraging its access to resources from all over the world, Fosun is able to create synergies between businesses, supporting long-term strategy deployment.

In-depth Understanding of Selected Industries

Solid foothold in health, happiness and intelligent manufacturing segments, built from its thorough appreciation of niche markets.

Strong Underwriting Competence

Not only does Fosun have a diversified investment portfolio, it also maintains good relationship with investors in various categories, and makes sure it is kept abreast of the investment style of Fosun and its subsidiaries. Investor relations cover public funds, private funds, insurance, corporate investors etc.

Sufficient Capital of Fosun Group

Fosun has a strong balance sheet with investments across the world.